My first post and I am wondering what to write about. Should be something with in, it’s a big universe. They recently announced that there is a liquid ocean beneath Pluto’s surface shell of exotic ices. That water sits below the ice, contains ammonia, and is in contact with a rocky serpentine bottom,(core).

Where ever this happens on Earth, you have life. Pluto is 40 times further from the sun than Earth but it does have this liquid ocean. The surface is made of exotic ices including methane. Methane could be a byproduct of life, especially now because there seems to be hydrothermal venting present. Maybe some of the rock contains heavy radioactive elements and one of Pluto’s moons, Charon, is having a strong tidal effect on that subsurface ocean.

We need to take a closer look at Ceres, wait….we are all ready there! With the Dawn spacecraft. Europa, Ganymede, in orbit around Jupiter, and Enceladus, Titan, moons in orbit around Saturn. These all have subsurface, liquid water oceans.

Humanity also has the 100 Year Starship program. If we could attain 15% of the speed of light with a primitive drive that ejects mini atomic bombs reacting against a pusher plate in 1960, then the future indeed, does look brite.



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