We are not alone. There are intelligent, sentient aliens in our universe, our galalaxy, hell, we even share this planet with another sentient, highly intelligent, mammalian species. They are called Cetaceans,(whales & dolphins), and even their brains are similar to ours, with some enhancements. The frontal lobes of cetaceans brains are larger than humans. Our primary sense is visual but our primary communication is audible. Cetaceans’ primary sense is audible and their primary communication is audible. They move through their median,(water), in three dimensions. We move through our median,(air), in two dimensions. Cetaceans communicate using language, just like us humans. Their are some primary differences albeit. We communicate with words, vocally. We also have the written word and pictures, visually. Cetaceans communicate with audibly complex clicks and songs. They also have audible pictures and they would be similar to our internet, only this is like audible holograms. Cetaceans see in sound. Even better than our radar. They are truly an alien, intelligent, sentient species and they live right here, on our own planet.

We should attempt communication, ‘first contact’, with them. We can really learn from each other and I believe that they, in some ways, can teach us much. Cetaceans navigate in their 3d median,(water), using their built-in radar. I bet you they can see gravitational waves. They to can hear their universe. We just recently proved it is possible.

Continued hunting of Cetaceans is complete madness. Humanity has much to learn and takes far too much for granted. Believe me when I say, we are not alone in our universe and humanity must attempt a diplomatic ‘first contact’ with the other sentient species, right here, on our own planet. Not to do so would be some cause for concern for sentient aliens, knowing that humanity is just getting ready to leave their home planet. Cease hostilities,(hunting), Cetaceans and attempt diplomatic ‘first contact’ because the universe, is watching, and it is, the right thing to do.



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