Humanity must grow up and learn to settle their differences instead of resorting to war. We spend billions on new and better ways to kill each other. We must evolve and learn to resolve our differences, religious and territoryly. That is the true challenge.

Earlier this week, daesh terrorists blew themselves and a lot of innocent people, up, in Brussels, at the international airport there. Not being content with that, more daesh terrorists blew themselves and more innocent civilians yet again, up, in an evil inspired criminal act.

Daesh insist they are an inspired Muslim community intent on setting up a caliphate state within the MiddleEast. They do this, irregardless of existing borders or of anyone, living there all ready. They sound a lot like a criminal organization and seem to hate and despise humanity. All they want is death and destruction, an apocalyptic end to their fellow humanity, here on Earth. Make no mistake. Daesh will attempt to accomplish this evil inspired plan, hijack Islam and claim it for their own, turning fellow Muslim against one another, corrupting, stealing the young and uninitiated from their families, to trully bring hell down to this Earth of their fellow humanity.

And. Still. The human race goes on spending billions, on new and interesting ways to kill each other of  course.

Humanity must come together, to rid this beautiful Earth of ours, from the corrupted despoilers, from the criminally insane cult we call daesh.

Humanity will come together and reclaim their lands from these criminals because the universe is watching and it is, the right thing to do.



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