It is a well known fact that time in this universe moves from the past to where we live in the present and forward into the future. In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, what ever happens in the past, will effect the future. The equations also show that the future can also have an effect on the past. We live in 4 dimensions, height, depth, width and time. All tied together in the fabric of spacetime.

Our universe is an extremely vast, with unimaginably distances between stars and galaxies. All the matter you can see, stars, planets, nebulas, everything, represents less than 5%. The other almost 96% is made of stuff we can not see or detect directly. This mysterious substance called dark matter is 24% and dark energy is the remaining 70 odd %. Wow! Most of what is happening in the universe, we do not see or comprehend. Dark matter is the web that holds our galaxies in place, together in clusters. Dark energy is responsible for the excellerated expansion of our universe. In fact as time moves forward, dark energy is growing stronger, dominating our universe even more. Dark energy is kind of stretching the space between all the stuff we can see in our universe. As spacetime increases, this creates ever more, dark energy, like a cumulative effect. That is why the expansion of our universe is speeding up, as we move from the present into the future. Some would say, ” all is unfolding as it should “.
Humanity is on the cusp of becoming a spacefairing civilization. Just at the beginning, taking our first tentative steps to the moon, landing on it, and sending out our automated, semi-artificially intelligent, robot spacecraft. Humans have sent our automated spacecraft to every known planet in our solar system, including a permanent manned presence in space, in near Earth orbit, aboard the International Space Station, I.S.S. I believe if we are going to live in space, we have to bring our terrestrial gravity with us, artificially generated by our space craft. The easiest way, would be to use centrifugal force. A spaceship or spacebase could be in the shape of a ring or a cylinder, respectively. They would both have to have a large diameter, so the spin wouldn’t be so fast. Can’t have humans living in space permanently and getting sea/spacesick with our spacecraft spinning at too high an rpm! However we do it, we need artificial gravity, with us in space. Without it, our skeleton starts to shrink, to lose mass, our eyesight deteriorates, even with large amounts of exercise, it is a losing battle without gravity. We are beings that evolved at the bottom of a gravity well and until humans invent a way to travel our universe without having to transverse these tremendously gargantuan distances, we are stuck doing it the long way, and , have to bring our air, our gravity, our propulsion, all together, locked up in a fragile pressure vessel that is our spacecraft.
What if a human, in the not to distant future, stumbled upon time travel as he developed a trans teleport device. A machine that would transport humanity to the stars without having to endure the rigours of traveling in a spaceship. We had done it! We thought. When they first tested the trans teleport device, the candidate stepped up, onto the teleport pad. The destination was humanity’s main outpost on the moon, station ‘ Alpha ‘, our outpost since 2103. It would be a teleport to moon and back. The candidate would be back in just an instant of time.
Moon station Alpha acknowledged receipt of the candidate and teleported him back to Earth. The candidate did not appear on the trans teleport device. Panic ensued! They called everywhere, to Titan and back, looking, searching, enquiring, nothing or no one, was their response. The candidate was gone. To where, no one knew, but to when, is what they should have asked.
A man sits in a chair, typing on a tablet, in the year of our lord, 2016, wondering if he should tell, should he say, really, why is the candidate here in this time and place, this here and now.


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