Note from a Time Traveller

It is a well known fact that time in this universe moves from the past to where we live in the present and forward into the future. In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, what ever happens in the past, will effect the future. The equations also show that the future can also have an effect on the past. We live in 4 dimensions, height, depth, width and time. All tied together in the fabric of spacetime.

Our universe is an extremely vast, with unimaginably distances between stars and galaxies. All the matter you can see, stars, planets, nebulas, everything, represents less than 5%. The other almost 96% is made of stuff we can not see or detect directly. This mysterious substance called dark matter is 24% and dark energy is the remaining 70 odd %. Wow! Most of what is happening in the universe, we do not see or comprehend. Dark matter is the web that holds our galaxies in place, together in clusters. Dark energy is responsible for the excellerated expansion of our universe. In fact as time moves forward, dark energy is growing stronger, dominating our universe even more. Dark energy is kind of stretching the space between all the stuff we can see in our universe. As spacetime increases, this creates ever more, dark energy, like a cumulative effect. That is why the expansion of our universe is speeding up, as we move from the present into the future. Some would say, ” all is unfolding as it should “.
Humanity is on the cusp of becoming a spacefairing civilization. Just at the beginning, taking our first tentative steps to the moon, landing on it, and sending out our automated, semi-artificially intelligent, robot spacecraft. Humans have sent our automated spacecraft to every known planet in our solar system, including a permanent manned presence in space, in near Earth orbit, aboard the International Space Station, I.S.S. I believe if we are going to live in space, we have to bring our terrestrial gravity with us, artificially generated by our space craft. The easiest way, would be to use centrifugal force. A spaceship or spacebase could be in the shape of a ring or a cylinder, respectively. They would both have to have a large diameter, so the spin wouldn’t be so fast. Can’t have humans living in space permanently and getting sea/spacesick with our spacecraft spinning at too high an rpm! However we do it, we need artificial gravity, with us in space. Without it, our skeleton starts to shrink, to lose mass, our eyesight deteriorates, even with large amounts of exercise, it is a losing battle without gravity. We are beings that evolved at the bottom of a gravity well and until humans invent a way to travel our universe without having to transverse these tremendously gargantuan distances, we are stuck doing it the long way, and , have to bring our air, our gravity, our propulsion, all together, locked up in a fragile pressure vessel that is our spacecraft.
What if a human, in the not to distant future, stumbled upon time travel as he developed a trans teleport device. A machine that would transport humanity to the stars without having to endure the rigours of traveling in a spaceship. We had done it! We thought. When they first tested the trans teleport device, the candidate stepped up, onto the teleport pad. The destination was humanity’s main outpost on the moon, station ‘ Alpha ‘, our outpost since 2103. It would be a teleport to moon and back. The candidate would be back in just an instant of time.
Moon station Alpha acknowledged receipt of the candidate and teleported him back to Earth. The candidate did not appear on the trans teleport device. Panic ensued! They called everywhere, to Titan and back, looking, searching, enquiring, nothing or no one, was their response. The candidate was gone. To where, no one knew, but to when, is what they should have asked.
A man sits in a chair, typing on a tablet, in the year of our lord, 2016, wondering if he should tell, should he say, really, why is the candidate here in this time and place, this here and now.


I Doubt We Are Alone

I M watching a science documentary about The Telescope and it all makes sense. Humanity must first be able to see what, actually, is in our galactic bubble, surrounding our home world, before we can physically travel  the cosmos. Did you know, when Hubble starred at a patch of sky, the size of a drinking straw, for ten days, it reveiled ‘ The Hubble Deep Field ‘!
I M amazed! Almost every point of light is a galaxy, 100,000 of them in that drinking straw sized patch of sky, and they go on forever! There are galaxies at the edge of our observable universe, 13.7 billion light years, that are moving away from us, faster than the speed of light.
Take our one galaxy, The Milky Way, all the stars, 100 billion of them, and most of them have planets circling them. I think if I were a space faring, intelligent alien race looking for a permanent home, I would choose a solar system with a Red Dwarf Star. The majority of red dwarf stars have rocky, terrestrial planets a little larger,(1.1- 2.5 times the radius), than Earth.  When the radius of the exoplanet approaches 1.8 or more, the majority  retain hydrogen atmospheres, so we are interested in exoplanets with a radius of 1.6 or less. The thing is red dwarf stars are long lived. Earth’s star, our sun, is a yellow dwarf, (G colour) and has a life expectancy of maybe 12-15 billion years. At about 9 billion years, ( 4.5 billion years from now ), our sun will have used up much of it’s hydrogen and swell up in size to around the orbit of Mars. It will be a red giant star. After it’s red giant phase, the outer layers will shed off, and we will be left with a burnt out shell of a star, a few thousand miles in diameter, called a white dwarf. Red dwarf stars consume their hydrogen fuel much more slowly. Their average life expectancy is in the 100’s of billions years and the star remains relatively the same, irregardless of age, except the older the red dwarf, the more calmer it becomes. The habitable zone of a red dwarf is inside the orbit of Mercury. A typical orbit for a habitable superearth would be 30-120 days, depending on the size of the red dwarf sun. They are typically 10-40% the size of our sun, Sol, and have a surface temperature of 3000-4000 degrees C. Our sun, Sol, has a surface temperature of 5500-6000 degrees C.
With the new James Webb Telescope, next generation, we will be able to read the atmosphere’s of planets around other stars.
When we look up at the stars, we are seeing back into the past. We are seeing everything, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, all, as they were, not as they are right now. We are confined to the speed of light when searching our universe. If aliens lived in a star system 2000 light years away, and they looked at our planet with a telescope, they would see us, not as we are now, but as we were, 2000 years ago. We are separated, not just by unimaginably enormous  distances, but by time also. If the exo-solar system is moving towards or away from us, it will also effect the time dilation, so ‘chance’, I believe, will have as much to do with finding extraterrestrial intelligent life, as our technology will.
More likely, if there are superadvanced  extraterrestrials, they would be aware of us and for some reason, not making their presence known. I always remember what happens here on Earth when a more advanced civilization discovers a less advanced one. Complete destruction of the less advanced society. And this is the same species! Imagine an advanced, totally alien species meeting 21st century man. If I were this truly advanced, extraterrestrial civilization, I would do my best to blend in with the natives. Hell, they might have been observing us, for quite some time.
Imagine what they might think of humanity. We are capable of much and sometimes that is not such a good thing. We must learn to share and should realize, there are other intelligent, sentient beings we share this planet with. Until recently, humanity hunted the Cetacean species, almost, so close, to extinction. We should seriously consider a diplomatic mission with the Cetaceans. About 5 years ago, a Bowhead Whale beached himself on some northern Canadian shore. He was quite old and dying. Scientists noticed the metal tip of a spear, imbedded in the side of his face, his ‘cheek’, and it had been there for quite some time. They carbon dated the metal tip and it came back as late 18th century, (1790’s). Wow! That would put the age of this Bowhead at over 200 years of age! Freakin  Wow!
That would mean, any Cetacean over the age of 50, would remember humans hunting them relentlessly, like wolves. Except wolves only take what they need, humans, it seems, always take all that there is. In fact, there are countries, a few, that still  hunt whales. They say it is for scientific purposes, but their own scientists say it is for economic purposes. They are eating them for crying out loud! I will not even get into what humanity is doing to the waterways and rainforests of this planet,  including their inhabitants. Let’s face it. As the dominant intelligent species of this world, we are responsible for more than just ourselves. We must learn to share because the universe is watching and it is, the right thing to do!

Easter and Christ

I was born in 1963, 8 days after JFK was assassinated. This is one of my earliest memories. My Mother told me, everyone could remember where they were, exactly what they were doing and the whole world cried. That and when we landed on the moon in 1969. We had taken our first tentative steps off of our planet and landed on another world. All of humanity celebrated. There were 2.5 billion human souls on our precious Earth at that time and no one had the foggiest idea of the internet or what a personnel computer would even look like.

I also remember Christmas and Easter, Sunday School and Church, so very vividly. We were a good Catholic family. My father was suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, having himself removed around Easter, 1967 because he could not bear it anymore. He had lost the ability to speak and walk at the same instant in time. When he lost his sight, he could not bear to have his wife and 2 little boys see him in such a state, so he had himself put into a ‘rest home’, they called it at the time, in northern Quebec.

I can remember running through the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal on my way home from my first day of kindergarten. I had left by myself, the teacher asking me, ‘was I not supposed to wait for my mother or someone else to take me home?’, she inquired. Nonsense, I said, I live almost across the street. I strolled out the door, the teacher still a little hesitant, as I pointed to some poor unsuspecting woman, there’s my MA, right over there. Okay she said, Go, looking relieved to have this inquisitive boy, asking to many questions, to be gone from her charge.

Haha!,  I thought, walking down the sidewalk, past the woman, running around a corner, I wondered, where, exactly , is home?

I remember, how, my father,(who knew he was dying), had been fortunate enough to find a, they where still called  ‘rest homes’, in a town close to where we lived.

It was just before Easter 1976, and we were visiting my father in the rest home. His sight had returned but he looked so frail, so shruken, struggling to breath, ( he was on a respirator), the end drawing ever so close, I thought, soon Dad, you will not have to suffer much longer.

It was Easter Sunday, 1976, and we are visiting my father at the rest home and I know, my Dad won’t make it through the night. I see him laying there, struggling, never complaining, and I think, soon, soon, it will be over. My father died later on that Easter Sunday night, finally releasing him from the prison of his broken body.

It is Easter Sunday, 2016, in the year of our Lord and I know, if I think, I can feel my father, his energy, surrounding me. I know he is finally at peace.


Humanity and War

Humanity must grow up and learn to settle their differences instead of resorting to war. We spend billions on new and better ways to kill each other. We must evolve and learn to resolve our differences, religious and territoryly. That is the true challenge.

Earlier this week, daesh terrorists blew themselves and a lot of innocent people, up, in Brussels, at the international airport there. Not being content with that, more daesh terrorists blew themselves and more innocent civilians yet again, up, in an evil inspired criminal act.

Daesh insist they are an inspired Muslim community intent on setting up a caliphate state within the MiddleEast. They do this, irregardless of existing borders or of anyone, living there all ready. They sound a lot like a criminal organization and seem to hate and despise humanity. All they want is death and destruction, an apocalyptic end to their fellow humanity, here on Earth. Make no mistake. Daesh will attempt to accomplish this evil inspired plan, hijack Islam and claim it for their own, turning fellow Muslim against one another, corrupting, stealing the young and uninitiated from their families, to trully bring hell down to this Earth of their fellow humanity.

And. Still. The human race goes on spending billions, on new and interesting ways to kill each other of  course.

Humanity must come together, to rid this beautiful Earth of ours, from the corrupted despoilers, from the criminally insane cult we call daesh.

Humanity will come together and reclaim their lands from these criminals because the universe is watching and it is, the right thing to do.


Aliens on Earth


We are not alone. There are intelligent, sentient aliens in our universe, our galalaxy, hell, we even share this planet with another sentient, highly intelligent, mammalian species. They are called Cetaceans,(whales & dolphins), and even their brains are similar to ours, with some enhancements. The frontal lobes of cetaceans brains are larger than humans. Our primary sense is visual but our primary communication is audible. Cetaceans’ primary sense is audible and their primary communication is audible. They move through their median,(water), in three dimensions. We move through our median,(air), in two dimensions. Cetaceans communicate using language, just like us humans. Their are some primary differences albeit. We communicate with words, vocally. We also have the written word and pictures, visually. Cetaceans communicate with audibly complex clicks and songs. They also have audible pictures and they would be similar to our internet, only this is like audible holograms. Cetaceans see in sound. Even better than our radar. They are truly an alien, intelligent, sentient species and they live right here, on our own planet.

We should attempt communication, ‘first contact’, with them. We can really learn from each other and I believe that they, in some ways, can teach us much. Cetaceans navigate in their 3d median,(water), using their built-in radar. I bet you they can see gravitational waves. They to can hear their universe. We just recently proved it is possible.

Continued hunting of Cetaceans is complete madness. Humanity has much to learn and takes far too much for granted. Believe me when I say, we are not alone in our universe and humanity must attempt a diplomatic ‘first contact’ with the other sentient species, right here, on our own planet. Not to do so would be some cause for concern for sentient aliens, knowing that humanity is just getting ready to leave their home planet. Cease hostilities,(hunting), Cetaceans and attempt diplomatic ‘first contact’ because the universe, is watching, and it is, the right thing to do.


My first post and I am wondering what to write about. Should be something with in, it’s a big universe. They recently announced that there is a liquid ocean beneath Pluto’s surface shell of exotic ices. That water sits below the ice, contains ammonia, and is in contact with a rocky serpentine bottom,(core).

Where ever this happens on Earth, you have life. Pluto is 40 times further from the sun than Earth but it does have this liquid ocean. The surface is made of exotic ices including methane. Methane could be a byproduct of life, especially now because there seems to be hydrothermal venting present. Maybe some of the rock contains heavy radioactive elements and one of Pluto’s moons, Charon, is having a strong tidal effect on that subsurface ocean.

We need to take a closer look at Ceres, wait….we are all ready there! With the Dawn spacecraft. Europa, Ganymede, in orbit around Jupiter, and Enceladus, Titan, moons in orbit around Saturn. These all have subsurface, liquid water oceans.

Humanity also has the 100 Year Starship program. If we could attain 15% of the speed of light with a primitive drive that ejects mini atomic bombs reacting against a pusher plate in 1960, then the future indeed, does look brite.